Terms and conditions of use for the online store "Home and Garden Shop" - www.zadomaigradinata.bg shortly referred to as "Online Store".

  Persons, physically or legally, who use the functionality of the website www.zadomaigradinata.com shortly referred to as "Customer".

1. Products of 1x in inventory may be added to the cart, but will only be delivered after they have been made specifically for this order.
2. The delivery time for ordered goods that are missing in the store catalog or ordered with customer sizes is up to 30 business days.
3. The price of delivery of made orders is determined by the selected courier company by the customer (Speedy / Econt / Leo express), or optional courier company.
4. The Online Store offers free delivery of products for orders over 3 products and value over 300 lv excluding VAT.
5. The Online Store reserves the right to change the price / description / details / promotions for the products offered in it at any time.
6. Personal information provided by users of the Online Store is stored in a database administered by the company Remonti I Uslugi BG Ltd., and the connection with it is fully secured with an SSL encryption. For greater security, all users' passwords are stored ONLY AND ONLY in a hashed format on the server.
6.1 The Customer agrees that by providing any personal or other details to the Online Store, they may be used by the latter for the following purposes of the Online Store: (1) maintenance of the Customer's account, including registering orders, sending ordered products, performing the ordered services, invoicing, resolving disputes with Customers regarding their Orders or reviewing their claims;
(2) sending Bulletins or periodic notifications by e-mail or by SMS / call;
(3) conducting market research, tracking and monitoring sales and customer / consumer behavior.
6.2 By providing your Online Store (including e-mail) data, the Customer agrees to association with representatives of the Company or third parties who are couriers, Online Store partners, government, municipal or non-governmental organizations, or insurance or financial services where this is provided for under the specific legislation, as well as other companies with which Online Stores can develop common programs for the offering of Goods and / or Services on the market, etc.
7. The truth and truthfulness of the personal information provided by the Customer to the Online Store is the responsibility of the Customer.
8. Upon placing an order, the Customer agrees that a representative of the Online Store will contact him / her by phone / e-mail during working hours from 9:00 to 18:00 on business days to specify details about their order.
9. The Online Store has the right to cancel / refuse an order placed by a Customer only and only before any payments have been made or merchandise related to this order has been sent to production. In the occurrance of such event the Online Store has to notify the customer by telephone / e-mail. With the cancellation of the order, neither party shall enter into a subsequent obligation to another or third party and accordingly no party shall have the right to seek compensation for the cancellation.
9.1 In the event of cancellation of a customer order in any manner whatsoever, after payments have been made, the Online Store shall be liable for a 30-day period to refund the amount paid, to the customer.
9.2 When canceling a customer order by the side of the customer:
(1) If products of the order are shipped / delivered / commenced (are in production) or completed;
(2) If the customer does not accept / refuse payment of the products from the courier's office or the receiving address;
The customer is obligated to pay the delivery of ordered products in both directions.
10. Upon acceptance of an order, the client will be informed of the need for a possible advance payment of a partial or full amount of the order made by bank transfer on his part.
11. By registering in the Online Store, the customer is given the opportunity to adjust the quantities of products in the user's cart and access the Favorites list in which he can add products from the store and view the list at any time after a successful log in with the login name and password.
12. The prices of the goods in the Online Store are final and include VAT as well as other taxes and levies provided by the Bulgarian legislation in force, but without a delivery price, which is determined according to term-3.
13. The ways to pay the orders made by customers are three -
(1) by bank transfer after contact with a representative of the Online Store;
(2) With the "cash-on" option of courier companies Speedy, ECONT and others - upon receiving the ordered goods in an office of the courier company or at an address;
(3) payment in cash at a place in the central shop at: Kazanlak, 23rd Pehoten Shipchenski Polk Blvd 22;
14. The Online Store uses cookies to provide functionality to its customers. By entering and using the Online Store, you consent to the collection of information through cookies for the purpose of it being processed by the system and providing the functionality of the site.