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Wooden Dog House "Francesca"
120 lv.
Dog Kennel
150 lv.
Wooden Dog House "Brita"
175 lv.
Wooden Dog House "May"
175 lv.
Insulated Dog Kennel
190 lv.
Insulated Dog Kennel
190 lv.
Dog Kennel With Porch
216 lv.
Wooden Dog Hut
240 lv.
Garden Furniture Set
495 lv.
Garden / Living Room Table
350 lv.
Garden Set
330 lv.
Cornered Bench
310 lv.
Welcome to our online shop for Home and Garden sets, decoration, dog kennels, bird houses, flower pots and much much more. We also have a big variety of wicker decorations.

You can check out all of our product categories from the top navigation. It contains all and any products of our shop. Here we offer many complete garden furniture sets with the option to order your own, with specific details and size to fit your needs ! And for your pets we have awesome dog kennels made just for you ! They can be used outside and again we can provide custom made dog kennels with your design and size. For our customers who are bird lovers, we have some very interesting Birds Houses which might suprise even the most pretentious of you. As with most of our products we can provide you with your own custom made bird, rabbit or dog cage.

We ship to every European country and capital - London Berlin Madrid Rome Paris Bucharest Vienna Budapest Warsaw Prague Sofia Burssels Stockholm Amsterdam - garden tables and benches, wooden furniture sets, dog houses, beautiful flower paintings, garden figurines (hare, deer, donkey, ducks, dogs, squirell and even Shrek !). Lots of ceramic pots, planters pots, wooden flower pots, wooden racks and shelves.

You can always contact us at +359 888 32 33 59 / +359 877 52 85 85 And you can check out our social media sites!

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When you place an order, you will receive a call from our agent to specify the details of your order.
Custom furniture prices are determined after a phone call or by email with a quote for the ordered product.
Store prices are for the sizes listed in the product information.
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